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​The Chattanooga Westies are a West Coast Swing dance club. We have a dance every Monday night at 7:00pm. We start with a beginner/intermediate lesson and an all level social dance follows until 10pm.


But that’s not all! We also organize trips to other Westie club dances in Nashville, Atlanta, Huntsville, Knoxville, and really just about anywhere that will have us. In fact we travel the country to Westie Weekends which are like dance rallies that involve classes, social dances, and competitive dancing.


West Coast Swing is a versatile dance. It can be dance to any 4 count music which pretty much means, if you can play it on speaker, you can dance WCS to it. It has steps and 5 basic patterns, but this is not your formal ballroom kind of dance. WCS is meant to be fun. The emphasis is on improvisation and musicality. You will hear a lot about “connection” in WCS because it is a lead-follow dance. A good lead and good follow may have never danced together in their life, but can have a dance that will look like it was choreographed and learned as a routine. It is a dance for people who love to dance.

We invite you join us!


Come out and dance with us on a Monday, and check our

Facebook or Instagram pages to see our upcoming events.

Every Monday from 7:00pm to 8pm Beginner/Intermediate Class 
8 to 10pm Social Dance 


  • Facebook
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